40 acre & 80 acre Gold Mining Claims (CA)

This is a legally registered 80 acre gold Mining Claim for sale. Discounted price of $4950. A signed contract will precede payment. Also link to our 40 acre claims for $2500, using User Web site link above. This is a 80 acre unpatented, gold mining placer claim, the Foresthill Gold #3, with 2 different parts of Grouse Creek on the claim, and is in Placer County, California, in the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains, and the Tahoe National Forest. The claim is legally registered with the Bureau of Land Management out of Sacramento. You own the mineral rights, not sharing with others, on the 80 acres, and use your 80 acres, recreationaly for camping: tent, camper, or RV, and prospecting: an awesome, beautiful area. Paved Mosquito Ridge Road leads to the claim, one of the most beautiful drives in the US. Not 1, but 2 Parts of Grouse Creek are located on the claim. With an approved BLM Plan of Operation, a building can be built on the land: any building that benefits and improves the claim, though you cannot permanently live on a mining claim. Current usage, is what the BLM calls, Casual Use: panning, shovel, pick, rock hammer, metal detector. On trips to the claim, we gathered in and around the creek, approx. 1/8 of an ounce of gold, being worth about $180. Someone with more time may find more. Gold prices are over $1300/ounce. Though we could never guarantee what you will find, we did locate this claim in an historically rich area for gold prospecting. _______________________________ This claim has good, legal road access, on one of the better Forestry roads, areas for camping, and gold discovered in surface prospecting. _______________________________ A transfer of ownership is a sale of legal, exclusive ownership of a mining claim site. To be a legally recorded claim, gold had to be found on the claim, which was completed by me, as I am the original claim locator. _____________________________ Your ownership is legally conveyed via a Quit Claim deed, and legally recorded with the BLM and Placer County. A Quit Claim deed is the required legal document per the BLM. Each year, on or before September 1st, you need to file a form with the Bureau of Land Management, along with $620. By doing this, you keep the claim forever. I have paid the $620 fee for 2015. There are no taxes on mining claims in Placer County. You must be a current US citizen to own a mining claim in the US. ____________________________ Mining claims are real property that you can buy, sell, or inherit. After proving the existence of valuable minerals on the land, the claim is legally recorded with the Bureau of Land Management and Placer County. ______________________________ The Foresthill Gold #3, is a gold placer mining claim, ideally situated in Placer County, the county name itself chosen for a history of rich gold discoveries. ______________________________ Your 80 acres is the South 1/2 of the Northeast 1/4 of Section 2, Township 14 North, Range 12 East, Mount Diablo Base Line and Meridian, known as the Foresthill Gold #3 mining claim, in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, about 70 miles NE of Sacramento, California. CAMC307123. Take 80 east out of Sacramento. At city of Auburn, Exit 121, take Foresthill Road east, Out of town of Foresthill. East on Mosqutio Ridge Road, 19.3 miles, then north on Peavine Ridge Road, which is Forestry Road 33, and go about 3.5 miles winding north to the claim. See map provided. Then GPS coordinates as listed below. The claim location monument has a 4 x 4 capped PVC post, posted 8 x 11 claim sign, and copy of Location Notice, as required by the State of California. The Federal Government owns the land. You are purchasing the mineral rights. You can legally camp, with camper and RV use of the whole 80 acres. Prospect, explore, and camp on the whole 80 acres. _____________________________ After receiving payment, your ownership of the 80 acre claim will be legally recorded with the local Bureau of Land Management and Placer County. The quit claim deed is the correct document to be recorded for a mining claim, as stated by the BLM. This is not a sharing with others of your 80 acre claim. __________________________________________________________ GPS Coordinates: Foresthill Gold #3 NW 39.09256, -120.60753 NE 39.09256, -120.59851 SW 39.08914, -120.60753 SE 39.08914, -120.59851 Midpoints: N: 39.09256, -120.60301 S: 39.08914, -120.60301 
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