Gold Mining High Banker Dredge (ID)

This high banker is one that I produced myself. It is very similar in design to the Gold Hog 'Monster Hog' High banker. It has an eight foot long, 16 inch wide sluice box with a custom Gold Hog brand mat in it. It has miners moss for the first 12 inches under the grizzly to protect the mat from falling rocks. This machine is made mostly of aluminum. Even the grizzly bars are aluminum. The legs and brackets are steel and the plumbing is plastic. It is very light for its size yet very durable. This thing gets the gold. I was skeptical of the mat system until I used it and it recovered some of the finest gold I have ever seen personally. It can be easily converted to a dredge with just a jet nozzle, some hose, and a pressure pump. It has a total of about five hours of use on it but I just don't have time to prospect these days. My loss is your gain. I am asking a fair price of only $1500 dollars. I would throw in the pump for an additional $350.

For More Information call (208) 553-0626